Kernenergie festes Ratio

Remote Ratio 4 3

 ANDROMAT ®  remote-controlled from an external control platform for use in environments with radioactive contamination.

Schere Ratio 4 3

Schere Detail Ratio 4 3

ANDROMAT ®  on an undercarriage with shears for cutting wire coil

Tortenfahrwerke Ratio 2 1

Doppel Tortenfahrwerk Detail einzeln Ratio 4 5 100 Doppel Tortenfahrwerk Detail Ratio 4 3 100
Two ANDROMATs®  on coupled 360° circular arc undercarriages rotating in the forging area

Greifschleifer 1
Greifschleifer 3
ANDROMAT®  with gripped grinder. The workpiece can be handled normally with the gripper and can also be processed while a grinder is gripped.

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