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The renowned company Henschel was founded in 1810 in Kassel.
Since 1975 the ANDROMAT®  manipulator system has provided foundries and forgers with a capable system for handling and processing workpieces.
With more than 600 systems installed throughout the world, we have since become a global market leader in this segment.
With our ANDROMAT® manipulators, operators are relying on heavy-duty, proven products,
which provide for humane, safe and economical workplaces within production.
As a partner of foundries and forging, we place special emphasis on a customer-oriented organisation.
Our customer service serves as the indicator of your satisfaction.
For us, this is signified in particular by reliability, performance and quick response times.

Henschel Industrietechnik GmbH | Henschelplatz 1, D-34127 Kassel  
Phone: +49 561 801-6863 | Fax: +49 561 801-5775 | Serviceline:+49 (561) 801-6813